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ENGL 102: Climate Change and Industrial Sustainability

Guide for Dr. Jamison Lee's ENGL 102 course

Librarian Research Presentation

Research Tips: Getting Started

  • Break down a large research assignment into more manageable mini-research projects. Using Dr. Lee's proposed outline sections is a great idea!

    • An Introduction to Climate Change

    • An Assessment of Current Efforts in My Industry

    • Benefits of Change in My Industry

    • Counterarguments to Change in My Industry

    • Recommendations

  • Write down notes, questions, ideas, or modifications to your research as you go.

  • Stay organized by emailing yourself all the sources you want to use as you research.

Where Can I Go for Climate Change data?

Ideas to Consider

  • Does climate change affect my industry directly (eg. farming) or indirectly (eg. education)?
  • Think about changes over time.  How will climate change look:
    • in 5 years?
    • in 10 years?
    • in 20 years?

Where Can I Go for Industry Background data?

Ideas to Consider

  • What makes money for your industry?
  • What costs your company money?
  • Does your industry focus on products or services?
  • Is your industry dependent on other industries?
  • What is absolutely necessary for your industry's current business model?

Where Can I Go for Proposed Accommodations for My Industry?

Ideas to Consider

  • Try looking in a specific database for your industry.
  • Your industry may share similar concerns with other industries. Search for the problems themselves and look at possible solutions other industries have come up with to solve the problems. Could they be applied to you?