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About Us

Collection Development & Management


Ultimate responsibility for materials selected for Molstead Library lies with the campus administration and the Board of Trustees. The Board delegates to the Molstead Library Director, the library leadership team, and the Public Services/Collection Development Librarian the responsibility for selecting library materials and developing the library's collection, as well as the responsibility for maintaining the collection in an attractive and useful condition. Selection of books, serials, audio-visual, electronic and other library resources shall be made on the basis of their value to NIC's curriculum. No resources shall be excluded because of the political, social, religious, or sexual views of the author, producer, etc.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria are used to determine the selection of specific items (an item need not meet all the criteria to be acceptable):

  • Current usefulness.
  • Lasting value.
  • Authority, competency and reliability of author/producer and publisher.
  • Relation to existing collection.
  • Adequate standards of quality in content, format and physical appearance.
  • Vitality and originality.
  • Price.
  • Favorable reviews from professional reviewing sources and/or scholarly publications.
  • Inclusion in a recognized core list or bibliography.
  • NIC faculty, staff and student recommendations.
  • Cooperative collection agreements with area libraries.

Molstead Library will purchase, provided an item meets the above criteria, the following:

  • Resources in any format that supports NIC's curricular offerings.
  • Resources that support and enhance teaching excellence and the faculty's pedagogical skills.
  • Resources written or produced by regional, e.g. Northwest authors or directors (videos).
  • Resources that support campus staff development activities and/or enhance campus staff job performance.
  • Resources (limited) that support LCSC & UI extension programs.
  • Resources about Idaho and/or by Idaho authors.
  • Resources written in foreign languages taught at NIC that are accessible to students with beginning or intermediate foreign language proficiencies.
  • Resources that are appropriate and/or favorably reviewed in all formats (e.g. videos, CD, CD-ROM, DVD, print, Internet, etc.).
  • Resources in paperback format for the recreational reading collection representative of genres and authors that are popular with NIC students.
  • Resources (literary fiction, general non-fiction, and magazines) that provide recreational reading enjoyment and that have been favorably reviewed in the professional literature.
  • Resources that support librarians' bibliographic instruction efforts.
  • Resources about libraries and the library profession.
  • Resources that provide information about the economic, political, social, educational, and cultural concerns of the residents of NIC's larger service area.
  • DVDs with closed captioning whenever possible.

What We Do Not Collect

Molstead Library does not purchase the following materials:

  • Resources that have been purchased by other departments for their students' and staffs' on-site use (e.g. automobile repair manuals, career materials, etc.).
  • Musical scores and play scripts.
  • Advanced foreign language materials or materials written in a language not offered at NIC.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Textbooks in general and/or textbooks used in a class currently offered at NIC.
  • Instructor's manuals and workbooks.
  • Most mass-market popular works of fiction and non-fiction.
  • Outdated media such as compact discs, filmstrips, slides, records, etc.
  • Circulating art prints and/or artifacts.
  • Genealogical materials.
  • With rare exception, non-indexed periodical subscriptions.
  • Graduate level materials unless resources to do so are provided by an appropriate institution (e.g. University of Idaho, Lewis-Clark State College).
  • Multiple copies (more than two) of a particular resource.
  • Dissertations, theses, ERIC documents.
  • Selection of library materials is the responsibility of library staff and/or NIC faculty. Selection coordination is the responsibility of the Public Services/Collection Development Librarian.

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Material Request

If you discover that you have a persistent need for a special resource that the library currently does not own, you might consider asking us to purchase it for our collection. Not every purchase request is fulfilled, but all requests are considered. All requests must demonstrate a need related to instruction or some other need related to the Mission, Vision, and Values of North Idaho College. For further information about how the library selects materials for its collection see its Collection Development Policy. Gifts to the Molstead Library are governed by the library's Gift Acceptance Policy.

To request an item be purchased by the library, use the Online Materials Order Form. Or, contact Brian Seguin at 769-3255 or

Last Updated: 9/30/19

9 Point Agreement

Molstead Library is honored to support the 9 Point Agreement between the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and North Idaho College.

Point One of this document agrees to "provide resources so that the NIC Molstead Library has the most expansive Native American collection in the region."  Our Native American collection of over 2,500 items continues to expand with a focus on the indigenous cultures of the Northwest.

In conjunction with the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, the Sqwi'm Reading Room in Molstead Library showcases photos, tribal artifacts and book displays for NIC students and the public. Come learn and rest in this peaceful place.

Sqwi'm Dedication


Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy & Donation Form (PDF) 

The Molstead Library welcomes donations of books or other media that enhance and support the teaching and learning missions of North Idaho College. All such gifts are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Donations are screened for inclusion in the Library’s collection in the same manner as those items that are purchased. Because of space limitations and the possibility that items are out-of-date, lack relevancy, in poor condition or conflict with the educational mission of North Idaho College, the Molstead Library staff reserve the right to decline any gifts.
  2. When donations are accepted, it is with the understanding that they are given outright and without restriction.  Molstead Library becomes the sole owner of donated materials with the right to dispose of items in any manner that are not added to the collection. Most items that are not add to the collection are donated to the public libraries or local secondhand stores.
  3. Per U.S. tax regulations, the Molstead Library, as the recipient, may not assign a value to gifts for tax purposes. The donor should establish an estimated value or have the item(s) appraised by an independent party before the donation is accepted.
  4. Monetary gifts to benefit the Molstead Library are handled by the NIC Foundation.
  5. Upon request, the Molstead Library will provide the donor with a completed “Gift Form” which acknowledges the number of items selected for inclusion in the Library’s collection. This acknowledgement form is a general description of the donation only, and does not include an itemized list of individual titles.

All Inquiries regarding the donation of materials to be included in the Molstead Library’s collection are handled by the Public Services/Collection Development Librarian at (208) 769-3255. For monetary gifts please contact the NIC Foundation office at (208) 769-5978.

Challenged Materials / Censorship

Library users may challenge any material in the library's collection. Requests for Reconsideration of Materials' forms are available at the Check-Out and Information Desks. They may be completed and submitted to the Library Director. The decision to honor a challenge will involve a discussion that includes the Library Director, the library leadership team, the Vice President for Instruction, the President, and possibly, the Board of Trustees.

Deselection Guidelines
Adapted from College of Western Idaho Library

Deselection, the permanent removal of materials from the library’s holdings, is an important part of the overall collection development process. Building a viable collection of materials to serve the college community is a dynamic process that includes regular assessment and removal of materials that are outdated, damaged beyond repair, or no longer relevant to the curriculum.

Librarians will review the library collection regularly to identify materials that no longer contribute to the collection. In addition, faculty members are encouraged to review library holdings in their subject areas to identify items that should be withdrawn and bring such materials to the attention of the library staff.

General Deselection Criteria

The following categories of materials will be considered for removal from the collection:

  • Relevance to the current NIC curriculum.
  • Infrequent or non-circulated materials.
  • Outdated formats (e.g. VHS) or materials that are not seminal works or classics tests in field of study or format.
  • Excessively worn or damaged.
  • Multiple copies.

Last Updated: 9/30/19.