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Library Hours photo of the interior of the library

Below is a summary of the hours of operation throughout the year at Molstead Library. Please visit the library's homepage for current hours or closure announcements.

**Molstead Library will be open Monday January 8.  Please note Sunday hours will not resume until Sunday, January 21 (please see below for a list of all closures)**


12:30 PM - 6:PM 7:30 AM - 7 PM 7:30 AM - 7 PM 7:30 AM - 7 PM 7:30 AM - 7 PM 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM CLOSED

The library will be closed the Sunday before and after Spring Break. The Molstead Library has reduced hours during Spring Break.

Closed 8 AM - 7 PM 8 AM - 7 PM 8 AM - 7 PM 8 AM - 7 PM 8 AM - 2:30 PM Closed


CLOSED 8 AM - 5 PM 8 AM - 5 PM 8 AM - 5 PM 8 AM - 5 PM 8 AM - 2:30 PM CLOSED


Sunday - January 14
Monday - January 15
Sunday - February 18
Monday - February 19
Sunday - March 24
Sunday - March 31

Last Updated: 9/1/20

Community Users

The Molstead Library offers NIC students and the North Idaho community a comfortable and friendly environment to research and relax. To help us maintain this positive working environment, please review the Patron Conduct Policy before visiting.

Community Members

Community members who are not enrolled as NIC students may check out books from Molstead Library (if they are 18 years or older) with a community borrower account (using their driver’s license or public library card).

Community Borrower Privileges Include:

  • Borrowing up to five items (includes books and DVDs).
  • Access to the library's online databases and Flipster while in the library.
  • Print/scan/photocopy.
  • Access to microfilm collection and reader (Coeur d'Alene Press).

Visit the Materials Borrowing page for circulation details.

Please contact the Molstead Library Info Desk at (208) 769-3265 or email at if you plan to visit and need our assistance with specialized research or resources.

K-12 Student Group Use

Molstead Library welcomes the use of the library's materials, equipment and facility by groups of area school students. If visiting our space as a class (not an individual), please contact us at to schedule a group activity. Molstead Library is equipped to handle groups of no more than twenty students at one time, due to a limited number of computers, seating and library personnel which must be shared by NIC, LCSC, UI students/faculty, and community users. Teachers may schedule a period of up to 1 day in the library, per semester, with their students.

High School Students
Individual high school students who are working on school projects and are not dual-credit enrolled with NIC, are welcome to work independently in the library and use the library resources. If a student is looking to receive assistance with a particular research assignment or project, please contact us at prior to your visit so we can be better prepared to assist you.

Middle & Elementary School Students
Individual elementary and middle school students are welcome to work independently when accompanied by a parent. Parents of K-12 students may sign-up as a Molstead Library community borrower and check-out materials for their children.

NOTE: K-12 student groups must be accompanied by their classroom teachers (This does not apply to NIC dual-credit students).

Last Updated: 07.19.23

Computer Use

picture of pc computers in libraryDesktop computers are available for student and public use any time the library is open. As Molstead Library has a limited number of seated computer work stations, preference will be given to NIC students who are using them for academic study purposes. In the event that all work stations are occupied, individuals using a library computer to play games, watch videos not related to class work, or for other non-academic related purposes will be asked to vacate the station.

Molstead Library also has two iMacs available for student use, and are reserved for student use only. Gaming is strictly prohibited on Mac computers and Universal Workstations, and those observed doing so will be asked to relocate to a PC station. Multiple infractions could result in loss of computer privileges. The library adheres to North Idaho College’s computer policy, as outlined in Article VI of the Student Handbook.

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Patron Conduct

This is a shared space for students and community members to work comfortably so we ask all users to be considerate of those working around them. Users who are disturbing others and ignore requests to correct behavior will be asked to leave the library. If these requests are not acknowledged, NIC Security will be notified and asked to assist.

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Conference Room

 Library conference roomMolstead Library Conference Room is located adjacent to the library's administrative offices and staff break room. Use of the room is limited to faculty and staff of the college. This conference room is equipped with an overhead beam projector and whiteboard.

In compliance with Idaho Fire Code Section 1017.4 (Seating at tables) & Section 1014.2 (Egress through intervening spaces) the following restrictions apply:

  • The conference room has a maximum occupancy of 26 people.
  • Additional chairs may not be lined up behind chairs surrounding the table and may not block access to exit (s).
  • The staff break room is not available for use. This is a separate room from the conference room and the door between the two rooms shall remain closed (egress shall not pass through kitchens, storage rooms, closets or spaces used for similar purpose).
  • Food and drink are allowed in the conference room when in use by faculty and staff.
  • The conference room may not be reserved for use when the library is closed.

Booking Procedure

The Library Conference Room and classroom can be booked by calling the Senior Administrative Assistant (ext. 3215).

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Copyright Compliance

Copyright logoMolstead Library recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and fair use of copyrighted materials.

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Food & Drink

We allow students to bring beverages with secure lids and small snacks but meals should be consumed in the lobby of the building. The second floor of the building houses beverage and snack machines that will accept change, bills, or debit/credit cards. There is also a change machine located to the right of the first set of machines near the top of the staircase.

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Information Services Policy

  • Information Desk staff provides information services to all patrons regardless of age, ethnicity, or status, e.g. students and employees, community users, elementary/secondary school students, visitors, faculty and staff, etc.
  • The information needs of those requesting assistance in person are given precedence over phone or email requests.
  • All information requests are handled with discretion and viewed as confidential in nature.
  • Full research services are not provided to students or community members due to a shortage of library faculty. Also research is viewed as an integral part of the educational experience of all NIC students. To that end, bibliographic instruction can be arranged for any classes that will help enable students to become competent beginning researchers. NIC staff may request more in-depth research assistance from library faculty who will provide such assistance as time allows.
  • Information Desk staff attempt to meet the information needs of all patrons either by meeting those needs directly or by referring patrons to the appropriate person, agency, business, etc.
  • Librarians are available to NIC, LCSC, or UI faculty for class tours, bibliographic instruction, Internet searching instruction, and/or classroom presentations on a scheduled basis. Local high school instructors may also request these services on a scheduled basis. Requests should be scheduled one to two weeks in advance of the planned event.
  • Molstead Library information staff does not provide legal advice, interpret state or federal statutes or provide health advice to patrons or other agencies. Patrons requesting such assistance are referred to the nearest law or medical libraries.
  • The Information Desk is staffed all hours the library is open unless staffing problems occur due to staffing shortages as a result of absences, meetings, or other unavoidable conflicts. These situations are mitigated as much as possible.
  • Abusive patrons are to be referred to the Library Director. If the Library Director is unavailable, contact a library leadership team member to handle the situation.

Last Updated: 3.14.23

Minorsphoto of the children's lego table and books in molstead library

Children under adult supervision are welcome in the Library provided that their behavior is appropriate for an academic library setting. The library Circulation Desk houses drawing materials, board games, LEGO and building sets that can be checked out.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 sanitation efforts, many children's materials are unavailable. Please talk to a library employee if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 08/25/20

Phone Usesign encouraging patrons to text with their phones

The library is a shared space and we encourage all users to contribute to a respectful working atmosphere. Texting is encouraged in our space and all phone calls should be taken in the lobby. Users who are disturbing others and ignore requests to correct behavior will be asked to leave the library. If requests to correct behavior are ignored, campus security will be notified.

Last Updated: 12/12/18

Privacy Policy

The faculty and staff of Molstead Library maintain the confidentiality of all library patron transactions, information, and data, and like all employees of North Idaho College, adhere to guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However, library users should be aware that the Patriot Act supercedes the library's privacy policy. Molstead Library users' current circulation records and computer use can be reviewed by federal officials who invoke this Act.

To maintain the confidentiality of circulation, patron, reference, and interlibrary loan data and transactions, the library staff has adopted the following practices:

  • No circulation records are kept other than current circulation transactions.
  • No patron database information is provided to parties other than appropriate library staff.
  • No titles are provided in messages when staff phone or email patrons regarding interlibrary loans or other library materials that are being held for them.
  • Staff do not discuss or share user's circulation records with parties other than appropriate library personnel. Information regarding damaged, lost, or overdue materials may be communicated to appropriate library staff. Interlibrary loan records are kept only for the required five years to comply with copyright reporting requirements; they are stored in a secure environment.
  • Library staff do not share campus personnel or student purchase requests with any persons other than appropriate library personnel.
  • Specific library user's information queries are not shared with any parties other than appropriate library staff.
  • Every attempt is made to provide, to the best of our ability, private and secure online access.
  • A request for a patron's library records and/or any relevant computer files from federal officials invoking the Patriot Act will be handled by the Library Director, the Provost or Vice President of Instruction, and North Idaho College's attorney.

Last Updated: 3.14.23


Creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment requires the cooperation and involvement of all users. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors must assume responsibility for their personal health and safety and the security of their personal belongings.  Do not leave valuables unattended and please alert library staff to inappropriate patron behavior. Trust your instincts, if something feels wrong report it or call security directly at 208.769.3310.

Last Updated: 07.19.23


Library staff is here to assist with research or physical or electronic access issues related to our resources. Please contact us at 208.769.3265 or at for assistance or to report a problem.

Non-Library Resource Technological Support

Library staff at the Information Desk are happy to help assist you with non-library hardware (wireless access) or software questions (e.g. Microsoft Office) but you can always visit or contact the I.T. Helpdesk directly at 208.769.3280 or

Last Updated: 12/12/18