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Professional Psychology Publications

Psychologists use their publications to communicate with the rest of the professional community.  Think of published research as a conversation that one person is having with other professionals. 
Common types of publications include:
Original Research Articles
  • Typically divided into 5 sections: 1) Introduction, 2) Methods, 3) Results, 4) Discussion, and 5) Conclusion.
  • Often include graphs, tables or pictorial representations of data. 
Literature Reviews or Meta Analyses
  • Comprehensive overview of others' original research on a certain subject.
  • Section heading titles often relate to themes.
Responses, Editorials, Opinions or Reviews
  • Typically short,1-2 pages.
  • Published in follow-up issues of a particular journal and may provide dissenting opinion.
Research Protocol
  • Before beginning a study, some researchers present their methods to the professional community for approval.