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ENGL 102 - Research Papers

Picking your topic is research!

Choosing a topic is the first and most important step of any research paper. This video from North Carolina State University helps outline this process.

Concept Mapping: What are the Advantages?

  • Allows flexibility and creativity
  • Free flowing, visual representation of your ideas
  • Can help narrow down your topic by focusing and developing a single branch from the broad topic
  • Can be adapted and revised as you do more research

Concept Mapping: What Does It Look Like?

The video below was created by Penn State University Libraries to explain the process of concept mapping for a research paper.

Research Tip: Start with simple sources.

At times, it may be challenging to come up with keywords or avoid our own biases. Reading an overview article about the topic can help guide your research. Below are some Molstead Library subscription databases to help you find background information on your subject.