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American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies at Molstead Library

Molstead Library is honored to support the 9 Point Agreement between the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and North Idaho College.

Point One of this document agrees to "provide resources so that the NIC Molstead Library has the most expansive Native American collection in the region."  Our Native American collection of over 2,500 items continues to expand with a focus on the indigenous cultures of the Northwest.

In conjunction with the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, the Sqwi'm Reading Room in Molstead Library showcases photos, tribal artifacts and book displays for NIC students and the public.  Come learn and rest in this peaceful place.

Evaluating Native Resources and Websites

Elaine Cubbins, a tribal librarian at Tohono O'odham Community College, created a list of valuable questions to ask yourself as you evaluate Native American information on websites.  We've copied some for your convenience below, and you can see the complete list here.  Keep her insights in mind as you research American Indian topics from many different sources.

  1. If the resource claims to represent a tribe or a tribal view, does it have documentation to support the claim that it is "official" or "authorized" by the tribe?
  2. If the author self-identifies as Indian, is tribal affiliation identified and accurate?
  3. Is the information presented from the Native or non-Native perspective?  Are primary sources correctly cited and oral tradition statements used ethically and respectfully?
  4. Does the information or language reinforce damaging cultural stereotypes of "primitive Tonto" or the "noble savage"?
  5. Are images, icons, or symbols used in the resource accurate and respectful?  Is information and material attributed to its original owner?  Did the author/collector have permission to share this information?