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Accessing and Using NIC Digital Resources

This guide provides how-to's, links, and relevant information for accessing and utilizing the various software, internet programs, and more that are provided by NIC and used in class instruction.

Acrobat Flash - How to Activate for PHILs

These are instructions for if you are met with a "Install flash player" screen (seen below) while trying to access the McGraw-Hill PHILs resource.

Note: It is recommended that you use Google Chrome to access this resource and perform the following steps. All browsers will stop supporting Adobe Flash beginning March 2021.

In order to access the PHILs resource, you'll need to do the following.

  1. While on the "Get the latest version" of Flash page (above), you'll notice in the top left corner next to the URL that there is a circular "i" icon with the words "Not Secure" next to it. Click on this icon.


  1. Once you click on it, a small pop-up will appear telling you why the site connection is not secure. On this pop-up, click on "Site Settings."


  1. This will take you to the site settings page. There will be a lot of information here, but all you need to find and focus on is the "Flash" section (it has a puzzle piece next to it). You will notice it is marked as "Block (default)."


  1. Select the "Block (default)" drop-down menu. You will be given several options, but you'll want to select "Allow."


  1. Now close out of the "Site Settings" page and go back to the "Ph.I.L.S Online" tab.


  1. The page will now have a bar towards the top that says "to apply your updated settings to this site, reload this page." Click the blue "Reload" button.


  1. Once you reload, you should arrive on the Ph.I.L.S page. If you are not seeing this page, please contact the IT Help Desk.