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ENGL 102 - Godfrey

Writing Assignment 2

Select a place that you are interested in studying, and write an essay in which you explain what makes this ‘place’ unique—what makes it more than just an abstract ‘space.’  Develop your explanation and description of this place by using five total sources from both Molstead Library and from internet research: be sure to choose sources that help you present your place with strong scholarly authority (please use two sources from Molstead’s collections and three or more credible sources from the general internet).

(A) Contain a clear introductory section containing a description of your place and clarifying why it’s more than just a space.  This section should include your thesis.

(B) Now, write a paper where you explain your place and use research to bring your place to life.  What are the elements that make this a place?  Is there something unique or hidden or unexpected about its history?  Its ecology?  Its aesthetic or visual qualities?  As you write, use your research to give readers concrete evidence of what makes this place interesting, special, noteworthy, etc.

Make a Research Plan

Organize your thoughts and ideas into a research plan.  This will help prepare you to search in Molstead Library's Primo catalog and databases.

Primo Search

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Keyword Tips to Find Books

  • If the name of your place doesn't come up with quality results, think on a broader level.  For example, type "Australia" instead of "Ayers Rock" and then use the book's index to dig deeper.

Keyword Tips to Find Articles

  • Think about what you already know about the place.  Are there additional keywords you could use?  For example, Machu Picchu spirituality or Machu Picchu resistance.

Keyword Tips for Specialized, Personal/Private or Local Places

  • Think of the type of place you are exploring and look for a more well-known place that has the same function. For example, if you were going to talk about Tubbs Hill, think of another public recreation area (e.g. Yellowstone National Park.) and use the researcher's arguments about the importance of publicly accessible and protected wild spaces to apply to Tubbs Hill.
  • Why does the place stand out or appeal to you?  Look for books or articles on the reasons, instead of the specific place.  For example, if you wanted to talk about your grandparents' farm because it made you feel loved and grounded, use keywords such as "family" or "home" to find scholars' take on personal places and their significance.  Apply these ideas to your specific place.

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