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Communication and Speech

Research Tip: Know your audience

Are you speaking to your class?  Your instructor?  Your future boss?  Your clients?

Your presentation style, types of research sources, and appeal strategies should be centered around the audience.  If someone were speaking to you about a similar subject, what would make you listen to their point of view?

Research Tip: Whose voice matters?

Who are the authorities on your topic?  Think about the issue from several perspectives.

"Constructed" authorities: Individuals who hold advanced degrees in a subject, have many years of professional experience, or have been widely recognized for their mastery of a topic.

  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Business Leaders
  • Legislators or Government Officials
  • Medical Professionals
  • etc.

"Contextual" authorities: Nonprofessional individuals whose voice of experience is appropriate in the context of your speech.

  • Special interest groups
  • Journalists
  • Members of a community
  • Witnesses to an event
  • Interview subjects
  • etc.