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ENGL 102: Argumentative Research Papers

Picking your topic is research!

Choosing a topic is the first and most important step of any research paper.

This video from North Carolina State University helps outline this process.


Check out this guide for some different planning methods after you pick your topic.

Research Tip: Think of the people who would write about your topic.

Who are the voices in your proposed research topic?  Think about the issue from several perspectives, such as:

  • Special Interest groups
  • Scientists/Researchers
  • Business Community
  • Legislators or Government
  • Medical Professionals
  • etc.

Research Tip: Write down possible keywords.

Before you begin searching, think of synonyms and how the issue could be phrased depending on perspective of the writer.  These lists will help you avoid your own and others' research bias and provide more well-rounded results.

"I want to research living conditions of chickens raised for human consumption on large farms."

Other keywords for "large farms" Other keywords for "living conditions"
factory farms cruelty
industry farms treatment
chicken farms wellbeing
poultry farming