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Career Research

Visit the NIC Career Services Office

The Library highly recommends you visit the North Idaho College Career Services office for more valuable career resources.  You can call (208-769-7821) or stop by the top floor of the Edminster Student Union Building for personalized career counseling.

Career Services Recommended Databases

Films on Demand Career Video Collections

Free Web Sites

The Internet is a valuable tool for finding information about a career.  To find free and authoritative information on the web, try accessing the home pages of professional organizations associated with a given field or industry.  Such organizations are key sources for those within a profession and those who are yet to enter the profession.  Try searching with the word "association" or "professionals" next to the name of a field, industry, or profession in your favorite search engine.

Company web sites can also be valuable, but you must locate the corporate home page as opposed to the more prominent online storefront pages where products are purchased and advertised.  Try searching for a company name combined with the words "corporate" or "investor relations" to find the corporate home page of a company where information about industry outlook may be available.

Some Helpful Career Websites

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