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What Types of Documents Will I Use for Business Research?

Newspapers / Trade Magazines / Journal Articles:  Often written by journalists, they can provide background and contextual information for your search.  If you are researching a private company, articles may be one of the only information resources publicly available.

Company/Industry Profiles:  Often written by third party consulting groups, profiles can provide basic company information and breadcrumbs to recover more in depth company data.

Annual Reports / SEC Filing Reports: Public companies must submit financial reports to the Security and Exchange Commission for  use by potential shareholders.  These documents provide detailed company data.

Consumer Information Statistics:  Data collected about the general population or sub-populations within a specific area.

Books: Find in depth data about industries, companies, business advice or assistance, history, and theory.

Business and Economics Videos:  Molstead Library's Films on Demand collection has many videos presenting business skills and ethics.

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